Marriage life (1)

Who would’ve thought, not even myself, that I would finally get married. 

Considering I have prayed for more than 20 years, sometimes the pray is just a pray without me expecting too much. 

And two people with different backgrounds, the same age, finally united into a married life, is not easy…yet, it is not difficult. 

Perhaps, it is the age, we are mature enough to build this life together. We have not had that much ego like when we were in the 20’s.

Perhaps, we met easily by the graciousness of Allah. He made us like this after our long journey of life and love. 

It is just about the right time for both of us. But with ease, of course there will be hardships. 

Yet, we have tried our best to control things accordingly. Yes we fight… with lots of quarrels and bla blu bla blu.. But again, we forget and forgive.


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