Traveling to States - Solo and a Hijabi

How did people in States treat you as a hijabi?
It is the common questions people asking me when they found out that I did my solo travel to States.
My answer is simply, ‘Not a single different treat!’
Five years ago, I applied for a US Visa and it turned out the guy in the embassy gave me the approval once he saw my Vietnam stamp. I remember his question, “you’ve been to Vietnam?”
By having the visa then I forgot that I must go there. Time passed by till last November, I remembered that my Visa is going to finish this March and I told my mom about it.
Hearing that, she just said “Go to States! My blessing is with you”.
I was just, well, I do not like solo traveling but thinking over how many people have struggled to get the US Visa, I then checked the ticket fare.
I bought the ticket since there was promo (yeah, $500 differences did mean lots) and that means – I have to dig my saving, hoho hooo….
A week later, BOOM!!!!
Paris Attack!!!!
Oh God, I was terrified. I could not think clear. I was so ready to lost my saving by not going to States.
Will the immigration allow me to enter States? What would they think of this solo hijabi traveling to States?
I could not sleep. I received lots of advises from people I know. Some friends from States send me their concerns of my trip.
My Mom who pursued the journey has her own thought – You will be OK, dear… 
I said to myself - Yeah mom, it is me who will go and I will be all-alone,L
Along with it, I checked for places to stay. In the correspondents for my homestay, I always specifically mentioned that I wear Hijab. In reply, they did not have problem with it.
Then the time came… 
It was about time for my trip. It was more than 24 hours trip from Jakarta – tiring but I slept the whole flight.
It was only The Martians and The Walk that I watched. Both gave me the encouragement to fulfill my dreams. When there is a will – there is a way.
Arriving in Los Angeles and having to queue for more than an hour, I was a bit scared. People brought lots of documents and me??? Nothing!!!
My time came and it was the new arriving officer – I remembered his name up till now and he only asked me “why do you come to States?” – just that one then my passport was stamped!
Finally, Me pursuing my dreams to travel alone and I chose States!
The trip from West to East – 4 cities covered!
People did not care if I wear hijab or not. No one gave a damn.

Well, it was in the Metro that an old lady did not want to sit by me then having seen it, a young Latino came and sit with me! That’s it!!!!
Having 18 awesome - days trips in States, I plan to have another ones by covering other cities (soon, hopefully!). This means, I have to apply for another US Visa *fingers crossed, this time is gonna be as easy as before*
You can check my instagram for more pics of my trip (be prepared to drool…)


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