A Simple Thought of Kazakhstan

For some, it is just another country, was part of Russia in the past. While for me, Kazakhstan means a friend I know for more than 7 years. She is a Kazakhs and married to a German and had stayed in Indonesia for almost 6 years.
She has introduced me with Kazakh’s cuisine. It is made from rice, biryani look alike, mixed with lamb. As I search through the internet, the name is Beef Plov – Beef Rice Pilaf. The lamb is tender mixed with the aromatic rice – it is delicious that up till now I can still remember the taste and the smell.
Other thing in my mind is Abai Qunanbaiuli aka Abai Kunanbaev. He was a great Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher back in the 19 century. Not many know that his writing, Book of Words, contain of stories - up to date until now.
Again, it is my friend that I have mentioned before who introduces me of his book. I had to google here and there to find the English translation then I printed it so I can have a copy of him.
Abai, a moslem who wrote based on the teaching of Islam but has applied the teaching to the current situation at that time and I can say, it is the same old songs that we face nowadays – not only in Kazakhstan but also in other parts of the world.
Kazakhstan is inhabited mostly by Moslems then Christian. My friend herself is Christian but her sister is a Moslem and they live side by side loving each other. Not much information I have regarding this country but as much as I read, there is no such issue in term of religion in this country.
Back in 2014, there was a performance by Kazakh’s singers in Indonesia. I attended the show and i was more than happy to see some dances and songs.  It was such a great event for us Indonesian to know more about Kazakhstan. You can read my review here http://www.yunikaumar.com/2014/05/festival-budaya-kazakhstan-2014.html
Yes, i can write more about Kazakhstan by googling here and there but somehow, I don’t think it is appropriate. What I know, I really wanna visit Kazakhstan.
Call me weird, but my passion in traveling has no boundaries. I am up to everywhere. No place in this world that I do not want to visit. Kazakhstan is in my wish list. Thanks to my friend who has been an ambassador for her country eventually.
I really want to explore more of the Kazakh’s cuisines since I am my self a foodie and other in my wishlist is, having stayed in Kazakhstan for a month - let's say, getting to know the people and having learnt everything about the country so that I can share the information through my blog about Kazakhstan from inside and outside point of view.
 As written in Abai’s Word 32:
Those who seek learning should know certain essential conditions without which they can not achieve their goal
First, do not attempt to do so for the sake of profit. You should love learning for its own sake and strive for it. If you value knowledge as a supreme blessing, each new truth you uncover will bring peace and satisfaction to your soul. Memorize well what is new to you and you will feel the desire for new quests and a love of knowledge will be born in your heart. Then your memory will absorb whatever you have seen and heard.


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