Tasting Indian Dishes In Signature Restaurant - Kempinski Jakarta

Eat in a moderate way unless it is buffet.. 

I can never resist for a buffet invitation. This Signature Restaurant – located in Kempinski is in my wishlist since 3 years ago. Fortunately, an offer for free buffet finally came along with the Colours of India theme this October.
Signature - Kempinski welcomes you all..
This event is conducted from 2 – 17 October 2014 with Indian dances in certain dates. The event along with the celebration of Divali/Diwali – the famous festival in India – conducted in cooperation between the Indian Embassy and the restaurant itself.
The introduction of India - Indonesia

Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh and the team  from Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi are flown to serve the best Indian authentic dishes.
So, I was there on 2 October for lunch buffet and here are some of my impressions.

You can never complain for Kempinski. Indeed, the staff are very nice and helpful. They  give their fullest attention to the guests. I give a 10 for their warmest greeting.

Since, I was invited for the Indian theme. I will just write about this, another post will highlight other dishes from Signature.
When i came the theme was Punjabi dishes which means their special biryani rice is served.  I don’t know how to describe it since they serve terrific dishes. Most of the time, it is difficult to cook Indian food in Indonesia unless they bring their ingredients from there. This is what the team has done. The ingredients from India have made things just too perfect to be true. 
The so tempting Indian Ingredients

I am an Indian food lover and have tasted the food in India myself. I am aware if something is different. There was some slight disappointment with the chapati – Indian flat bread – where it has been precooked and make the bread a bit greasy and hard to chew.
I was hoping they serve more bread here since Indian bread is so tempting. Eating them with different kinds of sauces using our hand is such a guilty pleasure. Instead, it was only Chapati and martabak – which I believe, one can not find this kind of martabak in India.
Anyway, regarding this martabak which i tried the chicken one has this so soft layer and melted in your mouth. Really, I just love the martabak. The taste is not that spicy with only some ingredients used but the balance in everything inside it, is so superb!
The so Favorite Biryani Rice

The terrific lamb

Palak paneer for the win!

one superb martabak


I am not a fan of Indian dessert so I skipped that part since I am not into something really sweet but the varieties served here is another added value for those wanna try the Indian sweets.

Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets

The tastes of Indian cuisine can be enjoyed in a comfortable buffet setting with prices that start at IDR 248,000++.

Diwali Festival is all about victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. In the spirit of giving hope to others in need, the hotel encourages its guests to join their charity programme, Donate Your Luck, to support SD Pembangunan Masyarakat, an underprivileged primary and middle school in the Gunung Sahari area. Guests are encouraged to purchase a raffle ticket at IDR at IDR 100,000 each. These envelopes are filled with various vouchers to win. The grand prize is a one-night stay in the Presidential Suite, valued at almost IDR 200 million! Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s management will double the funds raised by the programme. The fund will be used to give a scholarship of one-month’s tuition to every single student of the school, whose parents are mostly housemaids and construction workers.


  1. Aku suka eneg kalo makanan india ini, mungkin karena berempah kuat dan kita ngak biasa jadi nya makan sedikit dah cukup hahaha

    1. iya mas, kalo gak biasa emang aneh. aku ud terbiasa dari kecil,:)


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