Life Lessons of My Life #1

It just takes a split second to destroy someone's career
It just takes a split second to destroy a brand's reputation

It is something easy but before we do it, have we thought that may be she/he has done her/his best? May be it is the best that it can perform?

I have just had  terrible experiences with something known by everyone for its good reputation. I could make a post to write all about the experiences and destroy everyone involves in it.

But then I remember, last year, I was destroyed by something and it totally broke my life in pieces.

Yes I made mistakes but in the other hand, I did perform good things. I had to be responsible for other's behavior. I had to carry all the burden by myself.

Revenge will take me nowhere. It is someone's life in stakes. If I destroy other's life, then the circle would never end : he/she would do it again to others.

The circle surely can be stopped by forgiving and giving another chances.

Life is full of lessons if only we want to learn. If only we want to upgrade ourselves.

Experiences - good or bad - have made who I am right now. I am not saying I am better than others. I am just saying, before we are in rush to do something that involves others' mistakes, just think about other things that will give benefit to both sides. Just think, we too could make the same mistakes.


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