[Review] The Backpacker Chef

Who does not LOVE traveling? I guess just few people who does not like traveling. I believe traveling is fun whether you are on a budget or not. I have been in the situation where I have limited budget and have to save more in dining out. Then, how can I save money when I still need to eat three times a day? Bring my own travel cooker!

Back in 2003 when I visited Sydney and Gold Coast, where information in the internet was not as many as nowadays, My sister and I brought the travel cooker and certain products from Indonesia - we were lucky at that time when those goods passed the Australian customs after some thorough investigation.

We cooked instant noodle, fried rice and bought some vegetables in the supermarket and later being sauteed. It was fun though. We did save lots and could spend money on some other things *women!*, :)

Lucky for the travelers nowadays, there is this handbook named "The Backpacker Chef" created by fellow traveler, Jacqui Treagus. The book provides many simple recipes with its substitution that can make you save more money.

The book also provides some pictures that will make you drooling and can not wait to cook even when you are at home. Some recipes like fried rice, different kinds of pasta based recipes, salad and even cold sandwich are even too easy to follow in such limited time. There are some notes on what to do with those left over ingredients and also some blank pages being provided for us to write our own favorite recipes.

There are many other information being provided for such a small handbook that you can carry anywhere since it is light enough. The five useful ingredients are too good to be true. We do not have to spend lots of time for searching those things in the alley of supermarket, even just having one of them such as chicken stock or garlic powder will totally save our kitchen problem,:)

We don't have to be a chef to try those recipes. I believe anyone can cook easily. Yes, you can cook with the travel cooker in the room just like me or when staying in the hostel, by cooking in the kitchen which means there are more chances to make friends and saving money by chipping in,:)

How can you get this book? Jacqui offers printed and digital version for those interested with this handbook. When you sign up for monthly newsletter, there is 50% discount for the digital version. More of this can be seen in www.roamingcooking.com

Disclaimer : The review is created voluntarily. Yes, I got this book free from Jacqui because I won the free giveaway contest conducted in the website. I can't thank Jacqui enough for such a wonderful handbook, specially since I am into cooking world,:)  

The Backpacker Chef


  1. Thankyou so, so very much Yunika for your wonderful review of my cookbook and all the lovely things you said. I truly appreciate it and I'm so happy you won a copy! :)

    1. Thank you Jacqui for visiting my blog. I am glad that you are happy,:)


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