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When it comes to soap, it has been my interests since years ago. Whenever I visit a place, let's say others countries, I always go to the supermarket to buy some soap - liquid or bar - which I can not find in Indonesia. The smell from a soap does make me happy then if it moisturizes my skin, it is just another added value.

The soap I am about to review now is something that comes from my experience - not just because the owner which is the one who also makes it , is my friend.

I know this woman, Rosiy for almost 5 years from the internet and had a chance to meet her more than 3 years ago when she returned home. In the middle of 2013 - if I am not mistaken, she wrote in her facebook offering her friends for free sample of soap. Good that I saw it - since facebook randomly shows people status - and I offered myself for some free samples (I don't always like free samples but I truly can not resist when it comes to soap).

Just before my vacation started on July, I received some free samples of handmade soap which I could not use directly. It took 3 weeks before I started using it. My impression was , I was surprised with the smell and the moist of the soap. She sent me 2 soaps for the body and 1 for the face - with cupcake shape that I was not happy to use it just because of how cute it was,:)

Soap from KowhaiNZ 

I really forget which fragrances she used that time but I reckon, they were her first experiments and were more than great as a beginner. Since then, I received some of her handmade soaps with different kinds of fragrances and another range of products. The latest ones I received were a body cream and lip balm.  Lip balm is good just like the branded ones I can find in the pharmacy and the body cream is excellent. She told me that vitamin C is added which makes it as an additional value that rarely we can find and also how moisturize the cream is. I use it in the morning and after I take a shower in the evening, I can still feel that my skin feels supple. Nowadays, I try to experiment myself with this cream by applying it to some dark spots in my hand due to sun exposure. I will give another updates here if it really works,:)

Her face shop is also good. I have tried some from different experiments with the same consistency in quality. I think, this soap is better for dry skin - perhaps just because my face is a bit dry that I find this as a good one.

This friend of mine keeps explaining of how she makes the soap, the curing process that mostly took months, what fragrances she choose and which essential oil to be mixed for giving best results to the customers. The truth, I can say that her lemongrass soap is too good to be true. I still have the small part in my bathroom that I had to cut and shared it with my Mom. Indeed, she also loves the smell and the moisture it gives to the skin. Now both of us have almost finished this lemongrass soap and don't know how to buy since Rosiy will make another batch after some times,:(

Anyhow, after some experiments being conducted, now Rosiy is ready to sell her products. Yes, you can find them under the name KowhaiNZ, soon to be available in trade.me. I heard that she has sold some of her products to her closest friends there. Another good news is, whenever you have a specific request for a beauty product, she is more than happy to assist. Recently she made baby cream requested by her friend and the products do satisfied her friends.

More about this product, you can visit her websites http://cosmeticbykowhainz.wordpress.com/ or facebook https://www.facebook.com/kowhai.nz
Rosiy can be reached by phone - from NZ - (021) 02396862 or email kowhainz@hotmail.com

She also told me that within this year, her products will be available in Indonesia. So, I really can not wait for that to happen. Now I can only wish her and her beauty products are gonna hit the NZ market in great success.

Last but not least, Thank you so much for those great samples and don't forget to spare me some of your soaps' different fragrances as my pending orders,:)

KowhaiNZ soap : tiramisu, lemongrass and face soap

Body cream, lip balm, soap, face soap - KowhaiNZ


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