Existence, that is the reason why social media applications have became so famous these days.
I remember back in 2004 when i signed up with friendster and in less than 5 years, friendster was beaten by facebook which i joined in 2007. Then there is twitter where i joined in 2009 and become my favorite place to talk nowadays. There are also path, hi5, 4sq and some others where i sign up but not really active with it.
I notice that those people active in this social media world, once you meet them, they are not as talkative as they are in social media. First, i thought it was weird but then i find this kind of person everywhere. Only few people have the same behaviour in social media and real world.
Since there are many applications where facebook and twitter is on the top five, both have links to update status. You can tweet and those tweets are updating in the same time in facebook as status. You can update in path and those can be seen in facebook and twitter. Perhaps, for some it is such a simplicity but for me,it is totally annoying.
Since i make friends with the same person in facebook, twitter, path, instagram then those kind of links totally suck.
Let's see, my friend A tweets something at 5 pm then the same time i open facebook, i see the same status. Is it really important to link those applications?
Twitter is created for people to tweet just like a bird. If you really love tweeting, linking it to facebook will make your friends annoy. What i do when i find someone doing it, is just change the setting in facebook where i do not want his/her timelines show in my feed. Imagine, if many of your friends do this, then what you do is useless. No one cares with your existence.
The same thing applies with path that is linked to facebook and twitter or instagram to facebook and twitter. If you update your status like 2-3 times a day then it is still okay to link with facebook but if you do it more than 5 times, facebook is not the place. It is not designed to have fast feed just like twitter. Facebook is a bit slow, besides,the system automatically adjust which friends are shown, which are not. Yes we can do the setting but if we have hundreds of friends,then it will be difficult.
Path only gives maximum 150 friends. I am kind of enjoying it but seems the application is not ready with the many people signing up. System is not stable, sometimes we can not open it, sometimes it takes time to open, etc. Again, i do not link my path with my others social media. I update something different there.
Indeed, i never write the same status in facebook, twitter, etc. I write different things in each social media. Just some of my homebaking pictures that i upload in instagram, twitter and facebook. Yes for the pictures,most of the time i upload in instagram and share it in twitter, some are not shared-only can be seen when my profile is opened. Why? I just do not want my friends feel annoyed or unfriend me or do not want to see me in their feed. I want to maintain my friendship in such a good way though some of them are just friends in this cyber world.
Existence, yes i was enjoying it. Till around 2 years ago, i decided that i do not want to share everything. No more status, 'i am in bla bla bla', no more status 'ready to take off to bla bla bla', etc. I said to myself that was enough for me to show off. I need my self to be in a semi privacy moments. I just share my pictures of panoramic view, food and any other objects that attract me.
Existence.. do we really care when those existences become such disturbances for others? Yes, we want others to know that we are exist. Yes, we love those attentions from others. But .. have we thought the limitation of those existences?
Have you ever thought that , like 10yrs from now, you will be smiling, thinking what you have done in social media. The smile that makes you realize, whether those existence are useful or else make you lost nowhere in this world?


  1. Panjang amat jeng ik hahahahahax sampe ketemu di bukber ya ;)In shaa Allah...


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