coffee withdrawal

I am just so into coffee. I love coffee but i still can manage myself for having one mug a day though sometimes i want to have more. I don't like those famous franchise coffee brands, I am more to coffee from Indonesia. Don't ask me if it is arabica or whatever it is. I just don't know.

When drinking coffee, I love the coffee latte style, which means I add some milk and sugar for sure or sometimes I eliminate this sugar and milk with just condensed milk (almost the same though). You can say this one is not a healthy lifestyle but yet, I just can not stand with drinking black coffee-perhaps someday.

Till last week, I performed my weekly fasting (for moslem, we fast from dawn till sunset and here in Indonesia - it takes around 14 hours). Then this crazy headache hit me. The headache that only came when i fast on Mondays (we also fast on Thursdays they are not an obligation). Last headache was the worst I guess. Then I google here and there and found that caffeine causes this. woot?

Yes, it was almost 2 months that I drank coffee where the beans came from Aceh-one famous area for coffee production and the taste is awesome. Totally one of the best. I roasted the coffee, added some butter and grinding it. Yes I remembered, since I took that coffee, I felt irregular heartbeat at night when i tried to sleep which was just ignored by me.

I also found out through google, that lacks of caffeine has caused the pain/headache. Yeah I remembered that I took one mug the day before-on Sunday-that was why when i fast, i felt such a terrible headache.

I fight with the pain without taking any medicines. Reaching home from my work, I cleaned my self up then direct to sleep. When i woke up in the morning, the pain has gone-as usual. Since the pain was terrible, then i decided to withdraw myself from coffee till it goes out of my body.

Tuesday  without coffee and yes i felt a little headache but since i was not fasting-the pain was bearable.

Wednesday- i felt that i really wanna have coffee. desperate to have one.

Thursday and Friday - i became so talkative for no reason. i felt uncomfortable with my self and my mind.still the urge to have one came across my mind.

Saturday - this is it. i had a cup but it was decaffeinated and the taste was awful,:(

Sunday - no coffee at all but i really wanted to have one but then i thought that i would be fasting by Monday so i did not want to be caught by the same headache.

Monday - again i fast and no more headache!!!! yaaayyyyy.... for ages i had the pain whenever i fast on Mondays and now it is gone! once, the doctor told me that this was because lack of sugar, some other time i thought it was my sinus, and another doctor told me it was because of my gastro problem till i found out that it was the coffee.

Today, Tuesday, I am totally needing one. Perhaps later or tomorrow morning I will have one. I will not stop drinking coffee, i will just adjust myself for not having it in certain days.

And one more, no more irregular heartbeat when i went to sleep,:) I will not switch to decaf, I will just still drink those kind of coffee though, but at least now I try to control myself for the urge of having one.

I know that this headache can be cured by taking some kind of medicines or taking a lighter coffee/caffeine but I'd prefer this method. Yes I succeeded but since I love coffee, I don't think i can stop it for good-not now perhaps,:)


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