You are not old, you are just not interested to do it!

"I don't think I can run for 10 kilometres", says someone in her 40's, adding that, "I am too old for that."

I smiled hearing the person. I did not have the power to argue. Better to stay off the convo because pushing someone over something they did not want to do is just a waste of time. It needs something from herself to change for the better.

I am 45 years old and I still ride a bike for 20 kilometers with excitement. If only the weather is cooler, 60 kilometers won't be a problem! 


I started riding a bike 2 years ago. Yes, I rode a bike when I was a kid but then I lost interest for no reason. When my husband asked me to ride again, meaning I have to get the bike for myself since he has already own one..

It wasn't easy at the beginning since I have knees problems (even until now). I wore knee supports till one day I forgot to wear ones, realizing my knees were just fine.

Riding a bike has been our weekly exercising. Usually we ride on weekends, going from one spot to others, one museum to another ones, food hunting, etc. Sometimes it is just the kilometers we are chasing.

It is fun doing it realizing I am getting fitter. Yes, it hurts my knees but then it heals my knees just by riding a bike.

The only problem that makes me going home sooner is Jakarta's weather, the super hot weather. Phew!

Back to my first paragraph...

If only I am lazy enough to ride a bike, by saying no when my husband asking me to do it, surely I would say the same thing like others who give up in the first place.

I had never thought that I would enjoy riding a bike. I am a Youtube exercises' follower. I do exercise in my room with the AC is on. hahahahaha

I never like running but I am willing to do a 10k run in the future once I am confident that my ankles won't hurt. It is in my wish list to do running, a marathon would also be possible in the future.

I do not care about how old I am. My only concern is that I am overweight, which means I have to be careful while doing exercises. Once I manage to have my weights in control, I would surely upgrade myself to do something more challenging.


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