What Can Go Wrong When You Love Eating

I love eating, mostly all kind of food which is of course, Halal.

Then last month I did medical check up. BOOM Bang The Sound of My Heart (well, I sing to overcome my depression).


Alhamdulillah I manage my sugar level (the one that is worrying me so much because of my genes).

So then the doctor advised me to eat less oily food and low purine. But then there comes some problems within what I can eat and can not eat. Some food is good for managing cholesterol but they are high in purine. What a confusing thing since I love veggies but some that I love have high purine level.

I love meat... but it is not good at this stage. Then I love Tuna, but again, purine is my concern. I don't really like chicken but chicken is the best option at this time. phew!!

My husband and I have been trying to eat better for the past two weeks because we are having the same problems though his cholesterol is not as high as mine. Both of us must manage our cholesterol and losing weight.

Yes, of course medicine is easy peasy things but NO... Not at this stage and at this age. I believe we have the chances to change our lifestyle for the better. We are able to manage this as long as there is a will. 

So... the target of losing weight is within 6 months frame. Meaning, new year is the new of us. hahahaha

But, this cholesterol and uric acid, hopefully within 1-2 months we can lower it to minimum so that we can eat happily again, lol.

It is a long journey but together we believe we can.


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