I can’t stop myself for not reviewing the latest campaign from AT&T
As a person who drives everyday going to work, I can say that I get used to texting and driving, but wait, I also browse and drive or else, I take picture and drive.
It is not that I don’t know the consequences, but hey, Jakarta’s traffic is killing! I get bored. Music does not help me. Gadget does help, indeed!!
Thank God, up till now, I survive of not hurting anyone nor crash my car while having those bad habits. But … what if I hurt someone in the future due to my bad habits?
Something must be stopped!
So I see this post from ablogger in Instagram. It makes me curious of what it is.
I like the idea of the campaign and it does not stop there.
I start to apply it to myself. Starting from last Tuesday (17 Jan), I have stopped holding my gadget while driving. I try to focus on driving and just listen to the radio.
Today is the third day… I am surviving!!!
It is not that I don’t have the urge to see what it is in my mobile. There is something. Notifications!
It is not that I don’t face Jakarta’s traffic. Traffic is as usual.
It is not that I don’t want to take pictures. Many things need to be captured.
But I fight myself against all the things I have done in the past. I need to discipline myself.
It starts from me then I can encourage people to do the same.
Bad habits can be tough to break but experts say it can be done in at least 21 days. It means I will update by 6 February 2017, how far do I survive?
No pictures have been taken while I am driving – gadget free, because how can I do it?
And I am taking the pledge into my blog instead of pictures.
The campaign itself is in America but I feel obliged that this can be applied everywhere.
Are you ready to stop texting/browsing  while driving?


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