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Home, 8 July 2015
-          Someone is waiting for a nephew to be born 
-          Someone is feeling undetermined in waiting for her nephew to be in this world 
-          Someone is missing her Mom in other part of the world with her other half  
As I re-watch some old TV series of Sex and the City and Ally McBeal. It brings back memories. Memories of how I love those TV series. How I never missed even one and I never get bored of watching them again and again.
As I re-watch and sit on the couch… I think. I guess how I am right now is shaped by the movies I have watched. I believe women should be independent yet still need the existence of a man.
Yes I need a man but living without them is also not a big deal. Yes I need love but not having it for certain period is just okay. I have family who supports me and friends who are available when I need them.
Is it enough? For quite some times, it is more than enough. In some other time, I love being alone. Spending time by watching TV series the whole days does help me from being lonely.
Up till now, I believe that you cannot push love towards someone. Yet, I haven’t found the right formula in term of love. One thing I believe, someday God will send me the right soulmate. It is all about time and time does belong to HIM.
Someday, I believe I won’t have time sleeping on the couch and watching tv series. Someday my life will be occupied by something else.
Life is about appreciating the present. What we love to do at this time may become something precious in the future. What we hate right now perhaps is something we should do in the future.
By the 7th month of 2015, my life has been like a roller coaster. Things I have never imagined does come true. Things I have never expected – finally reveals themselves. Yet I am still standing, pretending that I am strong but I am actually weak.
Now I can see more of the people around me. Now I can be more open than I was before.
I feel that the learning process is not going to stop. I sometimes am tired but I remember how I should maximize my brain.

Well, I am not saying that I much better than other people but I can say that I am much better than I was before, much better!


  1. Well,

    For others, your life is just sooo .. perfect. And you are blessed


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