Ballooning in Cappadocia, Is the Trip Worth it or Not?

I never heard anything about Cappadocia till I finally had a chance to visit Turkey. You can read about my trips here - yes it is in Bahasa, soon I will try to make the English version.

Cappadocia has its uniquely landscapes, something that will amaze you. Besides, here is also famous for its hot air ballooning. Some people do dream to have their experience with hot air balloon here - something that I get to know after I posted my pictures in social media,:)

It took me weeks to decide if I have to take this balloon trip or not. Indeed, yes it is expensive, that was why I was so confused. I had decided not to take this trip when I went to one of the travel agents in Sultanahmet and they offered me good price. It was less than 100 Euro while my hostel in Cappadocia offered me more than 100 Euro for the same operator.

Yes, I was totally excited before the trip. Hardly I can sleep wondering if I would survive with my altophobia. Then, here came the day, when there was no turning back or else I would lose my money. The pick up was early morning, around 5.30 A.M then we were gathered in a restaurant for a breakfast. That day, the sky was not that clear, there was storm so we could not have the sunrise view. It was almost 7 A.M when we started to fly. More of my experience can be read here.

Then, back to my title, is this trip worth or not? and my answer is YES but... make sure you choose the right operator. It is very important so that the money you spend for the trip will give you nothing but the good memories.

The view from above is totally wonderful. It is hard for me to describe how bless I am to have the chance to finally do the trip. Bear in my mind, during winter you have to wear something more than winter coat. The average weather at that time, December, was below 0 degree Celsius and only God knew how much it was in the sky plus the wind that blew. It was cold and I froze. My face was still pale even after an hour when I returned to the hotel.

My advice is, you need to read many reputable comments regarding the operator. Perhaps I was not lucky at that time while others have better experiences with the same operator. At that time, not many information were received from the pilot but the amazing view has made my eyes more than satisfied.

An hour of the supposed trip was not enough (yeah, sadly my trip was less than an hour) but the 90 minutes trip costs twice the regular price,:(

Cappadocia is too wonderful that you feel you have never had enough. You will always remember each views and will make you plan to come back some other time. When i went there, it was snow. So, the view is mostly white everywhere but indeed, that still makes me plan to visit the place again, some other time during winter.

So, once in your life - at the very least - you should go for hot air ballooning and CAPPADOCIA is the right place. By the way, I have asked two of Cappadocia's residents whom never go for this trip. They said, it is useless to wake up early morning just to go for the ride! *how dare they could say this,:)

Anyway, here are some pictures to satisfy your eyes,:)


  1. This must be an amazing experience. I wish i can go there some day :)

    1. Hey mbak Mia, terima kasih sudah mampir. Insya Allah suatu saat bisa kesana ya..


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