Book Review: How to be a Domestic Goddess

who does not know Nigella Lawson? one famous celebrity chef from UK. My mom and I love watching her tv show. it never makes us bored. her style and her tips and how she eats, that's too tempting.

i've been planning to buy one of her books since last year. i've googled here and there trying to find the right one for someone like me-like to cook mostly baking. when i finally chose 'how to be a domestic goddess', i did not just buy it straight away. i googled for comments where most people advise to buy the UK edition instead of the USA one. there are many error in measurement for the USA one *perhaps it's fixed but i'm not gonna take any risks*. the UK one is a bit exxy but that's just fine as long as i can try her marvellous recipes. then back on january 2012 i bought the book from my favorite online book store: bookdepository.

it took almost 3 weeks when the book finally arrived.

I was so happy when i got the book. God, the smell, it felt like the smell of those cakes made by nigella. I just could not wait to try her recipes.

my first attempt was her loaf chocolate cake

it was one delicious cake though i still love the one from Julia Child's book:Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

i did not stop there since i'm so into chocolate. i tried her chocolate mousse cake.

and my comment is .. this cake is heaven!!!!! it tastes so damn delicious. my tweet and picture have made my cyber baking partner, inge to find the recipe from google. it was not nigella's but still she thought that the cake was awesome... less fluor and abundances of chocolate.

anyway,i'm terrible with pictures so i'm sorry if the pictures do not satisfy you,:(

i just do not stop there. i tried nigella's banana bread *sorry no more pictures, too lazy to transfer it from my mobile phone*. the recipe use liquor where i am forbid to have it as per my religion but that's fine, i can manage dismissing it and the cake is still awesome. it is one of my mom's favorite. she keeps buying banana hoping that i bake this banana bread for her. lol.

sometimes i do not follow what is written in the book. i change the sugar with the muscovado one or the diabetic one and it still tastes awesome.

regarding this muscovado sugar, i've never heard this name till i read this nigella's book. when i visit malaysia back on february 2012, i bought 2 packs of this muscovado so that i can try most of nigella's recipes.

and i always reduce the sugar quantity to only 40% of the recipes. yeah, we do not like something too sweet. even after reducing it, it still tastes sweet for us,:)

my last attempts was carrot cake. i used to make it with recipe from but then i tried the one from this book. at first, i did not like the recipe shown in the book but then i said, why don't i give a try. and you know what the result was... mom and i love this carrot cake from nigella much better. it tastes heaven. surely i'll make this as my regular weekly cakes. anyway, the cake was finished just before i made the icing. so that i canceled making the icing,:)

when i mentioned nigella in twitter saying how much i love her carrot cake, she DMed me saying 'i was so pleased',:)

anyway,i'm wondering how on earth does this woman make heavenly chocolate based cakes when she herself does not into chocolate?

well, i will not stop my attempts trying her recipes from this book and when i have tried most of the recipes, i'll surely buy her other books,:)

Thank you NIGELLA!!!


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