World Cup 2006 and I..

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Ahha! Football...

When you talked about football then it will be associated with men.

But hey, you are wrong! Me likey...

I am not a big fan of football but I am so in to World Cup and euro
Cup. Yeah, those men running in the field are so sexy...

Every time talking about world cup, it reminds me when I was in Frankfurt in 2006. Too bad that I was not there during opening ceremony but I was there just few days before it. At least I enjoyed the sensation, the crowd and buying all those world cup merchandise.

At that time, the first match was England versus Paraguay on 10 June 2006 with the score of 1:0. I was there on 6-9 June 2006. Everywhere in the city we could see those hooligans. Yeah they are handsome but crazy. They drank, sang, disturbed people who passed them specially whom they thought from Paraguay or with Latinos face. I was a little
bit afraid because I was wearing hijab but I am not Latinos so I was safe.

I remembered one spot where those hooligans stayed and got crazy. The place name is Romerberg. It's a scenic/historic walking area just across the main river in Frankfurt. There are many cafes all around the place. The spot that I mention is just in the corner near the tram stop.

The big flag of Great Britain lied on the floor and anyone could sign or say something there. Of course I did not want to miss it. I did not like David Beckham but I love Michael Owen, so yeah, I signed and wrote supporting words on the flag.

It was fun looking at those hooligans till suddenly a reporter from South Korea came near and asked if she could interview me. What????? If I am not mistaken, I think they were from KBS TV station. Yeah, with a big camera shot me and that lady asked me for a few question, I was so nervous but thanks God, my sunglass has helped me to get through it. I never know if it broadcasted or not but at least, I was interviewed.

The excitement of world cup 2006 was all around the world. In Frankfurt, each corner we could see seller of the merchandise selling almost the same price. That way we did not have to worry if the price was higher or not.

In Saudi Arabia (the country where I stayed in for almost five years) had the same excitement, most of cafes or restaurants were fully occupied because people liked gathering and watching it with their families or relatives. Once my friend and I went to a restaurant to watch the play of France versus Brazil. I am a big fan of Les Bleus till now. It is simply just because I learnt French language back then in 1997 and then France entered the world cup and became the world cup winner in 1998. 

In Saudi Arabia, it is a common to find separate space between men and women in public places..  Women like us can sit in family section. We sat in the family section and thanks God at that time we came earlier so the big plasma TV was just in front of us. There was also wooden barrier between each table. Well, can you imagine? You were watching football, some people screamed, some shouted, some said bad things, some cried and any other feeling toward you but you could not see who they were. You just listened to the voices.

The restaurant asked the customer to pay for the table-only around 100 Saudi Riyal (it's around 270000 rupiahs) but if we ordered food and cost more than that, then the charges only applied to what we ordered.

As a Muslim country, most of the Saudis love to choose a team where many Muslims players there. That way, ‘les bleus’ become their favorite team because of Zinedine Zidane, Frank Ribbery, and Nicholas Anelka.

At that time, Saudi Arabia team was also chosen to be in the World Cup in group H. Well, I do not have to tell you how their played was. They lost since the beginning and this has caused sadness for Saudi Arabia people. Perhaps they are good in Asia but not when playing with the team from Europe or America, they lost. So, can you imagine when Indonesia team plays with the team from Europe or America? Hmm, may be someday we can win but for now, let's concentrate on how to manage PSSI (Indonesia soccer Association) become a better organization.

The final of world cup is between France versus Italy where France lost and Zinedine Zidane ended his career in an unexpected situation. No matter what he had done in the past, I will always admire his smartness and cool-looking guy. I dream that someday I will have the chance to meet him in personal and take picture with him.


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